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Energy Efficient Tile Roofing

Energy efficient tile roofing is a great solution for any home or office building to reduce energy usage. In fact, energy efficient tile roofing can help reduce the heat transfer from the exterior to the interior by nearly 50%. Because of this, your cooling system won't have to work as hard to cool your home or office, reducing the wear and tear on your system and significantly lowering your cooling costs over time.

Efficient Tile Roofing Properties

Your tile roofing offers naturally energy efficient properties that can help you reduce your cooling costs. Tile roofing materials are naturally resistant to thermal factors. This makes tile roofing a great choice for both warm and cold climates as they can tolerate nearly any temperature and environment. 

By sheer design, tile roofing also offers natural ventilation for your roofing system. While some materials are installed using a sheet, or overlapping technique, roofing tiles are installed individually, creating a naturally ventilated environment on your roof. This will reduce the amount of heat transfer to the interior of your home or office during peak temperatures each day. In turn, your cooling costs will be significantly reduced. This thermal resistance doesn't apply to just warm climates, as the natural ventilation also prevents the transfer of cold air in cooler climates. 

Benefits and Beyond

Installation of a new tile roofing system for your home or office can help you reduce your energy usage, as well as, lowering your heating and cooling costs over time. In some cases, local utility companies and federal programs will even offer credits for tile roof installation to encourage power-saving, energy efficient improvements to your home or office. In addition, energy efficient tile roofing will increase the resale value of your home or office building if you ever decide to relocate. 

It's important to remember that there are a number of factors that can affect the energy efficiency of your tile roofing. This can include the coloring of your tiles. Lighter colored tiles will allow for more heat reflection while darker tiles will tend to absorb more heat. Always speak to a tile roofing specialist about your specific needs and energy efficiency goals to ensure the proper tile roofing is installed. ©

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