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When is Roofing Repair Needed?

When was the last time you thought of repairing your roof? Most people only remember their roof exists when they spot water damage in the attic or leaks in the ceiling. Others won’t do anything until some visible damage appears on their roof. Sometimes, this could be too late to save your roof. Knowing the little telltale calls to roof repair will put you a step ahead. Here are the top signs to look for.

Loose Roofing Material

Loose shingles or roofing material indicates that the roof needs some repair. If your roof uses shingles or tiles, they should all be tightly packed and perfectly aligned. Any crooked, cracked or misaligned shingles are a sign of weakness that will spread and affect the entire roof if left unattended to.

Missing Roofing Material

Any missing roofing material creates a weak link in the entire roof. It could be a shingle which blew away during the storm, missing nails, unsealed nails or missing flashing. All these sections must be in place for the roof’s integrity to hold. Regular close inspections will identify tiny errors before they escalate into something bigger. Moreover, the sooner you identify the problem the more money you will save.

Light Filtering Into Your Attic

While most people wait for water damage to spot the leaking roof, a simple light check just before the rains set in could save you a fortune. Go into the attic or the ceiling and look up through the roof. You will be looking for any holes or cracks that let in the light. These shouldn’t exist on a sound roof. If you get any light spots, call in a roof repair expert to check them out and complete the necessary repairs.

Water Spotting

Dark spots on the roof and water damage are the ultimate sign that your roof needs some repairing. It should be your goal to run regular inspections and ensure that it doesn’t boil down to this. Keep a peeled eye for dark spots or water trails on your ceiling and the roofing material. It's highly recommended you get a roofing repair expert in for a detailed inspection if you notice any rain water damage.

Regular roof repair and maintenance will extend your roof’s lifespan and reduce how many times you have to do a complete overhaul in a lifetime. Moreover, the sooner you identify and fix tiny problems the more money you save in the long run. ©

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