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The Importance of Gutter Installation

The importance of gutter installation simply can't be overstated. Rainwater is one of Nature's elements that can cause significant damages to your home and interior space without the proper control.

Gutter Installation Benefits

Let's take a look at the multiple benefits you'll gain with a proper gutter installation. Every home with a sloped roof should have gutters. Here's why.

  • Soil around the home is more stable
  • Damage to foundations are alleviated
  • Flooding of basements and substructures are prevented
  • Landscaping and turf are less prone to erosion
  • Siding, Brick, and Stone masonry staining is prevented
  • Exterior doors and other entry points are better preserved
  • Less potential for cracking in sidewalks, patios, and driveways

It's important to remember that your gutter system is only as good as its installation. If installed properly, your gutter system will protect a variety of areas of your home, not just your roof. Having gutters properly installed will prevent water from infiltrating your walls. This can cause weak points in your structure, and promote cracking and even mold growth.

A gutter installation will also keep the earth surrounding your foundation from retaining excess moisture. This can prevent damages to the walls and fascia of your home by keeping the mud splashes and water stains away. In addition, the soaked soil around the foundation could eventually cause flooding of your basement and deterioration of the foundation itself. All of which can result in extensive damages and repair costs.


Many homeowners are sometimes concerned about the required maintenance gutters will need. Diligence in keeping them clean and free of debris and blockages are imperative to the performance of your gutters. It's important to note that this maintenance may be time-consuming, but well worth the benefits of gutter installation.

The amount of maintenance needed for your gutters will depend on your home and the surrounding environment. Factors that should be considered will include:

  1. Type of trees surrounding your home
  2. Proximity of trees to your roof line
  3. Slope of your roof

If there are trees ten feet or closer to your roof, you will need to have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year, if not more. It's important to note that even if there are no trees surrounding your building, routine gutter maintenance is important to prevent damage, blockages and poor performance. ©

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