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Best Gutter Guard Installation

Mother Nature can certainly wreak havoc on a roof, from ice and snow to rain and the surrounding trees, the potential for water damage seems to be lurking around every corner. To help protect your home from standing water and costly repairs, gutter guard installation is essential. So what are your options? 

Reverse Curve Guards

This gutter guard system forms a cover that is designed to allow water to move around the guard while preventing large debris to infiltrate the system. This system is usually made from vinyl or metal and will sit over the opening of the gutter. The drawback to this system is the design cannot handle heavy rain very well and will fail to keep your foundation saturated. If you live in a region with heavy rains, this may not be the best system for your home.

Sponge Guards

This gutter guard design comes from outside the box. Consisting of a specially shaped sponge that fits inside your gutter. The water will flow through the sponge while debris is deflected. The advantage of this gutter guard design is the super easy installation. It's important to note that smaller debris, like seeds, can be retained in the sponge and actually sprout. 

Metal Screens

These screens will arrive in short curved sections. Relatively inexpensive, these easy to install gutter guard systems simply fasten to the gutter's outer lip. This design is best suited for homes with little to no tree environment as these metal screens consist of mesh that will easily clog with small debris like acorns, twigs, and leaves. 

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

This system is designed with a support frame and a mesh material that acts as a filter. This mesh technology can range from micro to fine. The advantage to this design is the superior characteristics of flow through. This type of gutter guard is not prone to clogs caused by smaller debris because of the micro-mesh technology.  The drawback to this gutter guard system is the more complicated installation process. 

The Big Picture

Before you start picking out gutters it's important to take a variety of factors into consideration to find the best gutter guard solution for your home. This should include the type and slope of your roof, as well as, the surrounding environment. A professional can help you evaluate your home's specific needs and recommend the best gutter guard solution. ©

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