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Galvanized Gutter Repair Service

Having a gutter system for your home is a great way to protect your investment. But what happens when your galvanized gutters need repairs? If your galvanized gutters are in need of repairs, they aren't giving your home the protection it needs from potential water damages. When it comes to your home's gutter system, it's important to know when to repair, and when to replace. Let's take a look at the most common problems with galvanized gutters and how to repair them.


There are several factors that could be the cause of your gutter leaks. The majority of the time, there are two main culprits: the joints between sections and rusted areas. These issues are relatively easy and inexpensive to repair. But if left in disrepair, your galvanized gutters could cause some serious water and foundation damage.

Small holes can be patched with roofing cement. Larger rusted areas will need a patch of sheet metal embedded in the roofing cement. This process isn't especially difficult, but there is a level of skill that needs to be involved. If done incorrectly, the patch could actually cause more problems than it solves. 


Overflowing is another common issue with galvanized gutters. In most cases, this is caused from a clog within your gutter system. Leaves, twigs and other debris can become entangled, essentially creating a dam in the gutter. This can create several problems which can become far more serious, and expensive to repair. 

If a solution isn't found, sooner or later you will be dealing with a number of additional issues including:

  • Sagging gutters from the weight of standing water
  • Loose and/or bent gutter hangers
  • Water damage to fascia
  • Foundation soil saturation
  • Water leaks 
  • Drywall and structural damage

To remedy this issue, check for clogs and signs of standing water inside the gutters. If your gutters are sagging, you will need to replace the hangers at the very least. 

Things to Consider

It's important to keep in mind that repairs to galvanized gutters are only a temporary fix. If your gutter system is showing severe signs of disrepair, you should consider the overall cost of repair vs. replacement. While repairs for your galvanized gutters may take care of the immediate problem, they will only do so for a short amount of time. ©

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