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Best Time for Flat Roof Replacement

When you have a building with a flat roof, chances are, you're going to need to replace it sooner or later. So, the question is: When is the best time for flat roof replacement? This is more easily asked than answered. Let's take a look at what considerations will be factored into replacing your flat roof.

Immediate Situation

There are a lot of considerations that should be taken into account when planning your flat roof replacement. Depending on what your building is being used for, replacing a flat roof may have a significant impact on the day-to-day activities.

If you have a waterfall where there shouldn't be one, or another emergent situation, you should be able to schedule your flat roof replacement at the most convenient time for the building's occupants and operations.

If your flat roof replacement is for a warehouse or factory, planning your flat roof replacement should coincide with slower commercial operations. This type of roof work, no matter what method is used, will impact the business and daily comings and goings of personnel. Replacement during seasonal operational downtime or slower business cycles will lower the impact on business operations.


If your flat roof replacement is for a multi-unit residential building and it's time for replacement, your planning should be a bit more strategic. No matter who is replacing your flat roof, or how the work is being done, it's nearly impossible to do so without having some effect on residents. If you are planning other renovations on the building or surrounding property, flat roof replacement during this time will be ideal.

Slow Seasons for Contractors

In general, most roofing contractors will have a 'busy' and a 'slow' season. If your roofing replacement can be postponed long enough to fall into your contractor's 'slow' season, you're going to see plenty of additional benefits for your wait. Here's why:

  • You're going to get a better price since there's more competition for clients, thus leading to more competitive rates from competing contractors.
  • You're going to get your flat roof replacement started, and finished, quicker since there isn't a long waiting list of jobs waiting to be done.
  • You're going to get a better quality installation since crews aren't overwhelmed or spread too thin.

Bottom line: Flat roof replacement should be done sooner than later to avoid damages that can be even more costly to fix. ©

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