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Emergency Skylight Repair Service

Skylights are one of the most popular ways to maximize light and warmth in any room. In order to maintain function and performance, your skylights will require maintenance and occasional repairs.

Unfortunately, because of the location, your skylights are also susceptible to all sorts of damage caused by inclement weather, forces of nature, defects and malfunctions. In some cases, you may find yourself with a broken pane of glass, or worse, water leaking into your home or business. 

Do I Need Emergency Skylight Repair?

There are a number of reasons you may need emergency skylight repair services. When you have a broken or malfunctioning skylight, it's important to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent damages to other areas of your home or office. 

Leaks and Water Damage

Skylights are especially prone to leaks and broken seals - which will allow water to enter your home and damage the surrounding roof system, interior drywall, flooring, and personal possessions. If you notice your skylight is not performing as it should, it's important to have it repaired as quickly as possible to avoid serious, and costly, damages. 

Chipped or Cracked Glass

There are a number of factors that can cause chipped or cracked glass in your skylight. Everything from falling limbs and debris from trees to sun exposure and severe weather conditions, like hail, can damage your skylight.

If a chip or crack appears in your skylight, it's best to have it repaired quickly, as these defects can expand with heat or sun exposure and become more severe. This creates the potential for water leaks which will add to your repair costs. 

Broken Seals, Motors, Hinges, and Latches

Broken seals are a common problem with any skylight. Over time, these seals can degrade and cause issues over time. If the proper sealing isn't maintained, and repaired or replaced when needed, you could be facing serious repair costs from water infiltration of your home. 

For skylights that vent manually or by a motor, over time, these components can malfunction or break due to normal wear and tear. Without proper maintenance, these components may cause damage to other areas of your skylight or home. 

If you are experiencing any type of issue with your skylight, it's important to have it repaired or replaced quickly and professionally or you could be facing significantly higher repair costs that may involve other areas of your home or office. ©

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