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Benefits of Downspout Cleaning

Water and the dampness it carries can do serious damage to your property. That’s why designers invest in gutters and elaborate downspout systems to collect all that rain water and lead it as far away from your house as possible. But what happens when your gutters and downspouts clog after a busy spring or summer?

Well. Most people are conversant with gutter cleaning and will either use gutter guards or diligently call in their favorite contractor once or twice a year to keep things flowing. Very few homeowners will pay attention to the downspouts unless they are visibly clogged.

Cleaning Prevents Blockages

Most of the homeowners will wait until their gutter drains are blocked before hiring somebody to handle the cleaning. This could make your gutter cleaning costs steeper and sometimes, it might be too late to avert disaster. You should have your downspouts cleaned and hosed down more often than the gutters.

Prevent Bursts and Fractures in Winter

If your downspouts block just before winter, they will trap water that will in turn freeze as the temperatures dip lower. The freezing water expands in the confined space forcing the downspout system to burst or fracture.

Dry Gutters Means a Dryer Home

With blocked spouts, the gutters will have nowhere to take the collected rainwater. The water will overflow onto the ground next to the wall. This water seeps into your walls causing mold and mildew. If you have a basement, the water could seep in wreaking more havoc in the confined space.

Moreover, once the rains are over, some of the water will stagnate in the gutters encouraging more rotting and rusting.

No More Pests

Leaving debris to sit in your downspouts will attract rodents and insects. These are mostly unwelcome pests that are either disease vectors or an attraction to dangerous predators.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

Water damage repair is expensive. The costs go higher as the damage spreads and effects bigger portions of your home. It is more expensive than merely cleaning and unblocking your gutters and downspouts. Think of it as a simple maintenance job that will save you a bunch later on by averting catastrophic water damage.

Ensure that your cleaning service provider cleans the downspouts whenever they clean the gutters. You can also check the downspouts on a monthly basis or just before winter to avoid being caught off guard. ©

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