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Benefits of a Copper Gutter Install

Gutters are a great way to chaperon all that rain water away from your eves and walls and stop water damage on its tracks. For ages, aluminum, plastic, and galvanized steel have been the gutter material of choice with exotics like copper and stainless steel being left to the refined homeowner. If you are willing to spend, you will definitely benefit from the wide range of advantages that come with installing copper gutters on your property.

A Very Long Lifespan

Copper roofing and gutters are well known for their resilience and durability. This is one of the many reasons why copper gutters are so expensive in comparison to the rest. The gutters don’t warp or corrode easily meaning that you will quickly recoup your investment by paying less on repairs and maintenance. Many the homeowners who install copper gutters expect an up to 25-year lifespan.

Considerable Resistance to Corrosion

The worst enemy to galvanized steel gutters is corrosion. Nothing gets around corrosion better than copper. Copper immediately forms a protective shell over copper oxide once exposed to the elements. This shell not only gives copper that captivating blue hue of aged copper but also keeps on reforming when damaged. You don’t really have to buff your gutters to a shiny sheen to keep them looking great.

Natural Algaecide and Fungicide

Copper metal is a natural deterrent to moss, lichens and other fungal growths. Keeping such away is crucial in protecting your gutters from blockages especially if you live in wet areas that keep your gutters moist throughout the year. Less cleaning and maintenance is both comfortable and light on your pocket.

Unique Coloring and Decor Statement

The natural oxidization process of copper imposes a gradual color change, with the most coveted of all being a rich coppery green that only comes with age. Seeing your copper gutters change from the various shades of green as the patina catches on is a sight to behold. You might want to edit your exterior decor and color scheme to ensure that it mirrors or complements the gutters throughout.

Installing copper gutters is a great way to future proof your home. You will be exempt of all the repair and maintenance troubles. Couple this with the relative inertness and low impact on the society and you get a chance to look great while conserving the environment. ©

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